Regional Academy 2017 - Transformation Lawyers - Legal Dialogue for Legal Transformation

The Regional Academy will take place from 20th February to 9th March 2017 in Berlin at the Hertie School of Governance.

The topics covered in the Regional Academy are diverse and will include:

• civil law versus case law;
• skills training in legal methodology;
• a platform for discussions about legal fundamentals of political science and rule of law, orientation of legal reforms towards Agenda 2030;
• intensive training in selected fields of European, public and private law;
• practical communication and presentation skills;
• negotiation techniques and leadership skills;
• cross-cutting topics, e.g. anti-corruption and gender.

The work on legal challenges and issues relevant to all three countries will create an international professional network within the South Caucasus and with links to Germany. The practice-oriented training and international experience gained at the Regional Academy make the participants valuable cooperation partners for GIZ and its future legal and judicial reform activities. While introducing their new competencies in their daily work, the participants will play an important role in advancing legal and judicial reforms in their home countries.

Information on the Academy can be found under the link below: